How to Change the GMC Truck Steering Column

by Russell Wood

Trucks come in all shapes and sizes, but yours may not have the options you want. Some trucks come with a tilt-steering column, which is convenient for entering and exiting the truck. Plus, the different settings can make driving the truck more comfortable for you. You can install a new steering column in your GMC truck in about an hour with the right tools.

Step 1

Put the key in the ignition, and put your GMC truck in the lowest gear possible. Then pull off the bezel that goes around the radio and the gauges. Put the truck back in park.

Step 2

Unbolt the lower dashboard from the truck using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket set.

Step 3

Unbolt the black underdash support that goes underneath the column, using the 1/4-inch ratchet and socket set.

Step 4

Unbolt the steering column from the steering linkage at the base of the firewall using the 3/8-inch ratchet. This will allow you to free the column from the linkage once the column is ready to be removed.

Step 5

Unclip the transmission shift cable from the steering column on the passenger side of the column, using the flat-head screwdriver. It's a ball-and-socket style clip, but be careful when removing it. If you break the plastic shroud around the transmission cable, you'll have to replace the entire assembly.

Step 6

Unbolt the steering column from the dashboard using the 3/8-inch ratchet, extension and sockets. The column is free to remove, so pull it out from the cab and place to the side.

Step 7

Place the replacement column onto the dashboard bolts and loosely thread in the nuts with your hand. This will allow you to position the column easier at the base.

Step 8

Bolt the base of the column to the steering linkage using the 3/8-inch ratchet. The linkage can collapse in or out depending on your need, so push or pull it to your requirements, then bolt it in place.

Step 9

Reassemble the rest of the dash and column in the reverse order of disassembly.

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