How to Change Fuses & Interior Lights On a Vehicle

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As time goes by, fuses and the interior lights will eventually blow out. When this happens, you need to replace them. But you don't know how to replace them. Don't worry, This tutorial will go step-by-step on how to change out the fuses and interior lights.

The tools needed for you to change the fuse and lights are screwdrivers, fuse puller, light bulbs and fuse. A service manual would also be very helpful.

Always close the doors when replacing a dome light.

Pry the lens cover off using a screwdriver.

Remove the dome light from its socket. Compare old bulb with new one to ensure correct replacement.

Reinstall new bulb into the socket assembly. Reattach the lens cover.

When replacing bulbs in the dash board, use a technical manual to remove this type of bulb.

To replace a blown fuse, locate the fuse box. The owner's manual will greatly help in locating the location of the fuse box.

There are two type of fuses, the glass type and the blade type. To replace the bladed fuse, turn the ignition to the off position.

Use a fuse puller to remove the old fuse. Replace fuse with the same amps.

To replace the glass type fuse, locate the fuse box. Then turn the ignition off.

Use a fuse puller to pull out the bad fuse and replace it with the same amps rating. You are now done. If a fuse blows suddenly, then you might have an electrical problem that needs to be fixed. Do not replace until the problem is fixed.

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