Troubleshooting the Turn Signal Light on My Dodge Caravan

by BretN
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If you flip on your turn signal and the indicator light blinks faster than normal, or if you can see that the turn signal does not come on, you have a problem. To determine exactly what the problem is, you'll have to troubleshoot. Start by examining the most obvious things first, like a burned out bulb or fuse; if that doesn't solve the problem, investigate further.

Step 1

Turn on the turn signal to blink on the side of the Caravan you would like to troubleshoot. Look at the indicator light on the instrument panel to see if it is blinking very quickly. If it is blinking quickly you have a taillight out. If it is blinking at its normal rate or not blinding at all, go on to Step 2.

Step 2

Look to see if you have a blown fuse. There are two fuse boxes on the Dodge Caravan; one is under the dashboard on the driver's side and the other is in the engine compartment, toward the back and on the driver's side. Check the owner's manual to find the exact location of the blinker fuse and check it to see if it has burned out. If it has burned out you will be able to see that the little wires are not touching inside the fuse.

Step 3

Check the turn signal light bulb to see if it is blown if the fuse was still good. If it is a rear turn signal you can get to the bulb by lifting the Caravan's back hatch and opening the light compartment on the inside rear of the vehicle. There is one on the left and one on the right of the vehicle. If it is a front turn signal, you can get to the bulb by opening the hood and removing the 3 screws that hold the light assembly in place.

Step 4

Place a voltmeter on the leads to see if it is getting any power if the bulb is not burned out. If the turn signal is working and it is not getting any power, you probably have a short in the wiring somewhere between the blinker switch and the blinker bulb.

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