How to Change Ford Truck Seats to Leather

by Sheryl Faber

Most Ford trucks come equipped with high-quality upholstered seats, but with time and use they may become worn, stained or torn. High-quality leather seats would be just the thing to make your truck interior luxurious and comfortable. There are many ways to achieve this look depending on your budget and the quality of leather you wish to install. Leather holds up well to constant usage and can be easily cleaned with leather maintenance products found at your local auto supply store or leather shop.

Contact your dealer or an auto parts specialist and order new leather seats. This is the best option if you want seats that fit correctly in your truck and a look that will last a long time. When viewing leather samples, be sure to take the sample out to the cab of your truck. Leather looks different in various types of lighting and you want to make sure you choose a color that blends well with everything inside your cab including the interior walls, the carpet, floor mats, and the console.

Get an estimate from a local vehicle upholsterer. Always ask for references, ask to see samples of their work, and request an estimate before allowing them to begin work on your vehicle interior. Be very cautious in choosing a business to do this upholstery work for you as some are not skilled in or accustomed to working with leather. Check the leather to make sure it is of high quality and the correct color for your vehicle.

Visit your local auto salvage yard, especially if you own an older Ford truck and wish to maintain that vintage look. Look for leather seats with no tears or discolorations and purchase the entire seat rather than just the leather. If the leather is in good condition, you can always add replacement padding and fix springs and other small parts at a later date. Be sure to take all bolts and screws from the salvaged vehicle also - if they are not usable, they can be used to match and find the proper sizes of new hardware.

Purchase leather seat covers if you are on a budget. This will allow you to be able to remove and clean your seat covers when they become soiled or stained, a big plus if you have small children or pets that accompany you in your vehicle. The covers can be custom-fitted to your vehicle, you don't have to take out the seats, and special tools are not needed. These seat covers can be selected or ordered from most auto parts stores or can be purchased online.

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