How to Change a Battery in a Honda Rubicon 500

by Dustin Thornton

The Rubicon 500 is a rugged, all-terrain vehicle with a 499 cc engine, manufactured by Honda. If you haven't ridden your Rubicon 500 for an extended period and you are having trouble starting the engine, the battery may be the culprit. Honda makes it easy to access and replace the battery in the Rubicon 500. You can replace the 14-BS type motorcycle battery in your ATV yourself with a few simple tools and about 20 minutes.

Step 1

Put on a pair of safety glasses and switch the ignition switch to the "Off" position.

Step 2

Pull the seat release lever up, located on the right side of the seat near the rear, and pull the seat backward. Lift the seat off the Rubicon 500.

Step 3

Remove the clips that secure the battery holder band on each side and remove the band. Note that the clips simply slide from beneath a plastic hook.

Step 4

Unscrew the negative battery cable terminal bolt with a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the negative battery cable. The negative battery cable is located on the left.

Step 5

Unscrew the positive battery cable terminal bolt with a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the positive battery cable. The positive battery cable is located on the right.

Step 6

Lift the battery out to remove it.

Step 7

Replace the battery with a 14-BS type battery and apply dielectrical grease generously to the positive and negative terminals.

Step 8

Reconnect the positive terminal first, then the negative terminal, and replace the battery holder band.

Step 9

Reinstall the seat by lining the prongs on the front of the seat up with the retainers on the Rubicon 500 frame. Push the seat forward until the bosses on the back of the seat line up with the mounting rubber holes beneath it. Press down to lock the seat in place.

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