Cat 3054C Engine Specifications

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Designed for use in heavy equipment and construction vehicles, the Caterpillar (Cat) 3054C is a diesel-powered naturally aspirated engine. The 3054C shares an engine platform with the 3054E, which is a slightly larger and more powerful engine. The four-cylinder diesel engine can also be used for power generation in other industrial environments, such as manufacturing. Despite its industrial use, the engine produces a relatively low level of emissions, carrying the EPA Tier 2 rating, which is second to the most efficient rating.

Standard Engine Features

At the core of the 3054C's construction is its cast iron engine block, flywheel, and flywheel housing. The exhaust manifold is also made of cast iron and features an outlet at the side of the manifold's center. An onboard 12 volt alternator can generate 55, 65, 85, and 100 amps. The engine's starter motor is also rated at 12 volts of power.

Engine Design Specifications

The 3054C's cylinder layout places all four cylinders in-line. The four-stroke engine has a 4.13-inch bore, 5-inch stroke, and a total displacement of 269 cubic inches. It is capable of generating a total power output of 86 horsepower and 185 feet-pounds of torque at its maximum rev level of 2,400 rpm. Its total fluid capacity is 7.4 quarts for the cooling system and 7.3 quarts of oil for the engine crankcase.

Engine Size and Weight

The Caterpillar 3054C's total dry weight is 641 lbs. Its total length is 26.1 inches while its total width is 22.2 inches. The length can vary slightly depending on the size of the auxiliary fan, which can be upgraded to a larger size if the buyer choose one of the optional features that Caterpillar makes available. The engine's total height is 30.5 inches.

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