Cargo Net Instructions

by Steve Smith

A cargo net is an ideal accessory for your car. It can hold almost anything in your trunk or on your roof rack. The cargo net is perfect for groceries or small items that you do not want to shift or slide around. They can be installed in almost any vehicle, and, generally, the instructions for installing a net are similar.

Installation of Trunk Cargo Nets

A trunk cargo net is installed across the inside of the trunk, usually toward the back of the car trunk. It is suspended between the two sides of the trunk with mounting bolts. The weather strip and side paneling of the trunk are removed first, along with interior spare tire covers. Then there will be holes where you can install the mounting bolt studs on which the hooks for the cargo net will eventually be installed. The bolts are screwed into place with washers and nuts. Then the paneling is installed.


The paneling is installed over the mounting nuts; you will have to drill through the paneling so the mounting bolts are exposed. Dab paint onto the ends of the bolts, then fit the paneling into place. Where the paneling contacts the nuts, the paint will transfer and leave a mark. Drill this mark with a matching size bit and then install the paneling in the vehicle. The mounting bolts will now be exposed through the panels. You can attach the hooks to them.

Attaching the Hooks

The hooks are the pieces of hardware onto which you will eventually place the cargo net. These are secured to the mounting bolts by twisting them into place. When you install them, make sure the hooks are pointing toward you, so you can more easily loop the cargo net around them. Also, this prevents the cargo net from coming unlatched when items push forward against the netting. If you are going to store heavy items behind the cargo net, consider mounting the hooks so they face inward. It will be more difficult to latch the cargo net around the hooks, but there will be less of a chance of the netting popping off the hooks.

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