The Care of Car Door Seals

by Laure Justice

Taking care of car door seals can save you money while keeping your car interior cleaner than it would be otherwise. Rubbery car door seals pick up airborne dust particles, and they end up being filthy if not cleaned once or twice a year. Car door seals also dry rot and crumble when not cleaned and conditioned, making it necessary to invest in replacement seals, unless you like hearing the wind whistle through the seals as you drive down the road.


Pour 1 tsp. of dish detergent into the bucket, then run 1 gallon of hot water on top of the dish detergent. Mix the detergent and water with an old toothbrush. The water should be covered with bubbles.


Scrub the car door seals, using the old toothbrush and the soapy water. Begin at the top and work your way down each side until you have scrubbed the entire door seal. Frequently wet the toothbrush with fresh, soapy water. Make sure you scrub into the folds and up to the car's frame so you get the grime out of the hard-to-see spots. Let the seal dry completely.


Pour a drop of conditioner/protectant, the size of your fingertip, on the cotton cloth. Begin at the front of the door seal, and wipe the conditioner/protectant all over the surface of the door seal. Apply more conditioner/protectant whenever the cloth begins to feel dry.

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