How to Get a Car Repaired at an Auto Body School

by Jennifer Dermody
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If you are in a fender bender and your vehicle needs body work, you can get it done for a low price at an auto body school where students need vehicles for practice. An instructor will oversee the students' work on your auto. The work will have to pass many levels of quality control before your repaired vehicle is returned to you.

Step 1

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Contact high schools or vocational schools in your area. Check to see if they are accepting vehicles.

Step 2

Tell the program instructor about the scope of the work that your vehicle needs. Be sure that your damage is not out of the realm of the services the school provides.

Step 3

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Schedule a time to take the vehicle to the school for an inspection and get an estimated timeline as to when work will be performed. Factor in school vacations, weekends and holidays.

Step 4

Drop off your vehicle and leave it until the work is complete, checking back often to see if work is progressing as scheduled.

Step 5

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Inspect the work upon picking your vehicle up and before driving away.

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