How to Make a Car Detailing Flyer

by Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Car detailing is typically done for two reasons, either as a fund raiser or as a business. In order for you to get the necessary customers, make a car detailing flyer. These flyers can be posted all around the area and handed out to let people know about your car detailing. You can make use of a desktop publishing application like Microsoft Publisher (or similar) to make a car detailing flyer.

Decide on a basic layout for your car detailing flyer. Think about what you want it to look like and what needs to be on it. If you are using any type of picture, make sure you have easy access to it from the program you are utilizing. Figure out the information to include on the car detailing flyer. This should include the location and the prices of service, a phone number and any other vital details. Draw a layout or have it in mind.

Open the desktop publishing program to a blank page. Add any pictures or other graphics to your car detailing flyer. Click on the "Insert Picture" icon to do this. Another option to accomplish this is through clicking on "Insert" on the menu bar and locating the graphic on your computer. Move, edit and make any other needed changes to it.

Add text to your car detailing flyer. Insert all of the details using WordArt, the Text Frame Tool or both. Try various sizes, styles and colors of font, until you find a suitable one. Use large easy to read lettering on your car detailing flyer. Review the flyer and make any desired alterations to it.

Save and print your car detailing flyer. It is always a good idea to save a copy of your work. You can access it later to use it again or make changes to it. It can be mailed as a file also. If you want to print your flyer, print one test sheet first. Read over the car detailing flyer for errors, before making several copies of it.


  • check Microsoft Publisher has a wizard you can draw on to make your flyer. You can use it to get ideas about making flyers. If you want to access it, click on "New" that is under "File" on the menu bar. Follow the directions of the wizard to utilize it. Use a picture of a nice clean shiny car or a "before" and "after" one on your car detailing flyer. If you are raising money for some specific cause, include pictures and details about it. One way to save a little money on making car detailing flyers is to put two flyers on one page. If you can make the flyer on half a page without it being too small, you can print half as many of the flyers. This will require you to cut the paper in half.

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