Where Can I Find Out What My Car Is Worth?

by Crystal Lewis

Whether you're selling your vehicle, trading it in, or trying to find the value of your vehicle after making improvements, there are various resources for finding out how much your car is worth. Many of these options are available online.

Kelly Blue Book

One of the most common resources for finding the value of a vehicle is the Kelly Blue Book. This resource lists the amount your vehicle is worth in a variety of conditions. The online version of the Kelly Blue Book will allow you to select the condition of the vehicle, mileage, and more.


Like the Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds specializes in providing the depreciated market value for your vehicle. Their website also features a section with consumer reviews so that drivers can read about the experiences others have had with similar models.

Vehicle Appraisal

There are various companies that offer appraisals for domestic, foreign, antique, and refurbished vehicles. One option for this service is the Auto Appraisal Network, which offers services in several states.


If you're planning to trade in your vehicle, the dealership from which you plan to buy will estimate your vehicle's value. These estimations are usually lower than the values found in Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds.

Search Online

There are several websites with programming that will estimate the value of your vehicle. Two popular options are Autos.AOL.com and Autos.Yahoo.com.

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