How Can I Get My State I.D. Number Without My I.D. Card?

by Nicole Schmoll
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State ID cards are issued to state residents that need a state identification number but do not want or are unable to drive a motor vehicle. For people who drive, their state ID number is more commonly known as their driver's license number. For individuals without a driver's license, a state ID card provides a legitimate form of photo identification. If you have an existing state ID card and lost it or are registering with your state for an ID card for the first time, there are a few pieces of documentation you need to take to your local DMV office to obtain your state ID number.

Step 1

Call your DMV office or visit to find out what your state requires in order for you to get a state ID card. Call your DMV office if you have lost your ID card or it has been stolen to find out what is required for you to obtain a new ID number.

Step 2

Gather your Social Security card, immigration ID card, valid passport and birth certificate to prove your identity and citizenship. Find out how many documents your state requires to prove your residence to get a state ID number as some states require up to five documents proving your identity and residence. Bring those documents such as a voter registration card, current home, life or health insurance policy, your previous year's income tax return or utility bill with your name and address clearly printed on it, with you to your local DMV office.

Step 3

Bring cash or your checkbook with you to pay the fee your state requires for issuance of a state ID card. States can charge anywhere from $5 to $20 for a state ID number. Dress appropriately with your hair neat and your appearance as you want it to be captured on the photo that will be taken at the DMV and incorporated into your state ID card.

Step 4

Apply for a state ID card at your DMV office, show the appropriate documents, pay the fee and wait to receive your card. Place your new card in your wallet or purse.

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