How Can I Check Recalls for My Vehicle?

by Bridget Kelly

When an auto manufacturer learns that one of their vehicles has a defect, it will issue a recall. The manufacturer will notify, by mail, all customers who purchased that particular vehicle. Because Americans often move, many of these notices are never received by the customer. Because of this, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has created an online database listing all vehicle recalls.

Go to (see References).

Click on "Motor Vehicle Recalls." Under Type of Search, click on "Vehicle." This will bring up a new window.

Click on "Select Model Year" and a menu will appear. Click on the model year of your car. Click the box that says "Submit Model Year."

Select the make of your car by clicking on the arrow. This will bring up a long list of types of cars. Click on yours and then click on "Submit Make."

Click on the arrow in the new window to select the model of your car from the list and then click on "Submit Model."

Click the box if you would like a full summary of the recall report. If it remains unchecked you will be presented with a link that will take you to your report.

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