Where Can I Buy Silicone Grease?

by Randy Bobzien

There are two basic types of silicone grease that are used for today's automotive applications. Dielectric silicone grease is used in vehicle electrical connectors to keep moisture and contaminants out and keep your vehicle electronics functioning correctly and fault-free. Standard silicone grease id used for lubricating rubber seals and O-rings during assembly or repair of your automobile. Silicone grease can also used to lubricate seals and contact points of automotive body parts which move against each other. An example would be a squeaking window or door seal. One caution: Never lubricate fuel-system O-rings or seals with silicone grease because it can damage your oxygen sensors if the grease mixes with your fuel, even in small quantities.

Where Can You Purchase Silicone Grease?

You can find standard silicone grease in the plumbing section of most hardware stores. Buy dielectric silicone grease at most electronic supply stores and automotive parts stores.

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