Camper Size for a 6.5 ft Bed

by David Marsh

Campers are trailers shortened and lightened enough to be carried on the back of a truck. The campers contain a stove, beds, sink, seats and table. Campers that fit on a truck with a 6.6-foot bed must be of a certain size.

Choosing the Camper

Choose which style you want. Campers can be either expandable or non- expandable. They can feature a roof that extends above the camper when parked for better gas mileage. These models use fabric walls to fill the space when the roof is cranked up. Solid roof campers offer better noise protection. Expandable campers are lighter and have a lower center of gravity.

The Truck Tailgate--Up or Down

Decide whether you want the added security of a tailgate that can be closed and locked or the extra two feet of length that a dropped tailgate provides. Also, a camper that extends beyond the truck body will be damaged in a rear end collision since there is no bumper protecting it.


With the tailgate up, campers must be under 78 inches long. With the tailgate down, the camper can extend to 102 inches. Very few camper models are under 78 inches long. The Four Wheel Pop-up trailer company offers six models. Only one of them is under 78 inches. Six Pack Campers offers eight models, none of which is under 78 inches.

About the Author

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