How to Camp in a Toyota Prius

by Charlie Gaston

Camping or driving to a campground in your Toyota Prius is a viable option as long as you understand the features and limitations of the car. It is best to consider the number of passengers and amount of equipment and luggage before setting out on your camping trip.

Pack light and include camping and hiking gear. The shape of the Prius offers limited storage and trunk space. Therefore, additional items such as coolers and extra blankets should be stored efficiently to maximize space. You have approximately 16 cubic feet of cargo room.

Take advantage of the optional voice-activated navigation system if you become lost when traveling to your camp site.

Fold the 60/40 split rear seats flat and use for sleeping.

Take advantage of the heated seats when camping in the fall or during cool days or nights. Alternately, the moonroof comes in handy when camping during summer nights. It offers ventilation to keep the car from heating up when parked.


  • check The Toyota Prius offers 51 to 48 mpg.


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