How to Calibrate a Harley Speedometer

by Artesia Peluso
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Harley-Davidson is a leading American motorcycle manufacturer; the company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the early 1900s. Known for it's low-seated design and it's boisterous rumble, the heavyweight motorcycle is designed for mid-speed cruising. The Harley-Davidson company has a large and enthusiastic consumer base, and is one of the best-selling motorcycle brands in the country.

Step 1

Test your speedometer by driving past laser radar-monitors with a visible readout. These monitors are often located in high-traffic residential neighborhoods or school districts. Determine if your speedometer reading is accurate or faulty.

Step 2

Visit or call your local Harley-Davidson dealer, and provide the representative with your motorcycle's model information. The company usually carries the the proper speedometer drive gears to calibrate your particular Harley

Step 3

Remove the speedometer's faceplate off with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the speedometer from the housing unit in the Harley dash. Use the needle nose pliers to remove the retaining clip. Take out the broken speedometer drive-gear, and set it aside.

Step 4

Place the new speedometer drive gear in the speedometer housing. Reinstall the retaining clip, place the speedometer housing-unit back in the Harley dash and reinstall the face plate.

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