How to Repair the Speedometer on a Civic

by John Johnston
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The speedometer on a Honda Civic is a vital safety feature. You are legally required to ensure your speedometer is working correctly at all times. If your speedometer stops functioning correctly, you must look to replace the instrument immediately. A new speedometer can be picked up at your local auto store. Make sure you pick up the correct panel needed for your Honda Civic.

Step 1

Locate the steering wheel access on the driver's side and lower the steering wheel column. This will give you easy access to the speedometer in the instrument cluster.

Step 2

Remove the bezel around the instrument cluster using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Once you have removed the two screws, lift the bezel from around the panel and put it in a safe place for reattachment later.

Step 3

Unscrew the three mounting screws from the instrument panel and slide it out of the dashboard. Carefully unclip the speedometer from the cluster. You should be able to pop it out with your hands. Take care not to damage any other components in the cluster.

Step 4

Fix the new speedometer in the same place from which you removed the old one. Fix the instrument panel back in the dash using the mounting screws.

Step 5

Attach the bezel around the instrument panel and use a cloth to clean the surface of the panel. Take the vehicle out on a secluded road to check that the speedometer is now working correctly.

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