How to Buy Wholesale Auto Parts From a Dealership

by Neal Litherland

Buying auto parts wholesale, which might require you to buy them in bulk, isn't as hard as some people think. Dealers and manufacturers are more than happy to sell parts to the public, especially in large quantities. All you need to do if you want to buy auto parts this way is to find a dealer who is willing to sell and make sure he has what you need.

Locate a dealer to buy your auto parts from. Call local auto dealers and auto parts dealers to see if they offer a wholesale bargain. If not, ask who they do business with and contact their suppliers. You also can find an auto parts dealer on the Internet at websites such as Smart Dealer Parts and Auto Parts Fair.

Browse the parts offered by the dealers you've found. Check the prices against retail prices to see just how much of a deal you're getting by buying straight from the dealer. Also read the find print. Make sure how many of a product you have to buy to get the price you're being quoted.

Place your order. Make sure that you check the order to see that all the parts you want are listed and in the quantities you want for the price you're willing to pay. Pay the dealer for the parts.

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