How to Buy a Used Honda Goldwing

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Buying a used Honda Goldwing can be a financially sound and rewarding experience. Searching for a used Honda Goldwing to suit your riding needs requires some background in the history of the model.

Find the bike that suits you best. More recent models are heavier and more powerful, yet due to advancing technology, they handle better with every generation. Fortunately most Goldwings are owned by mature riders and it's rare to find one that has been neglected.

Locate several bikes to view and arrange to investigate them in broad daylight if at all possible. Take a knowledgeable friend with you as an extra set of eyes and brain cells for at least the reason of tempering your enthusiasm. Be prepared to see a few of the advertised bikes instead of hurriedly buying the first used one you see.

Observe the general appearance of the chrome for pitting, the paint for fading and chipping and the brushed and polished aluminum of the engine for corrosion. If the bike is high mileage but immaculate, ask to see a maintenance log or records; check receipts from a rusted, ill-maintained bike.

Take the bike for a test ride if possible or ask for a demonstration instead, even running the bike gently through the gears while propped on the centerstand can determine the state of tune. Look carefully at the tire tread wear and front fork sliders and fork seals for leaks or seepage.

Discuss the asking price of the Honda Goldwing verses the used condition of the bike. Tires that are low on tread, paint, hardware or upholstery that needs replacement can leave you some haggling room. Ask if you can include a buyback clause in the bill of sale to replace the test ride.

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