How to Buy a New Car & Have It Delivered

by Michael Davidson

The Internet has made buying a car a much easier process than it used to be. Instead of having to drive from dealership to dealership to check what inventory is available, you can now check the websites of many dealerships and see photos and information of the actual cars currently in stock. Many transactions can now be done over the phone, the Internet, or fax and you can buy a new car with relatively little trouble or stress. Depending on the dealership, you could even have the car delivered to your home.

Research the dealerships that are located near your home. You can look online or check the phone book to see which dealerships are closest to you. The closer the dealership is, the easier a car delivery will be.

Contact the dealership to verify that delivery is an option. It may be listed on the dealership's website or you can call and ask. An additional fee may be charged for delivery or they may offer to deliver a car from another dealership to the dealership closest to you.

Examine the inventory of the dealership you want to do business with. You can either visit the dealership to walk the lot or examine their inventory and options online.

Research the cars the you are interested in. Kelley's Blue Book, Edmunds, and Consumer Reports are all options for reviewing the overall value and reliability of various automobiles.

Choose your car and arrange payment or financing. You will probably have to go to the dealership in person for this to properly process payment, especially if you need a car loan. You may be able to do it all over the phone and/or fax machine if you do not require financing.

Arrange for the location the car needs to be delivered to and when the car will be there.

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