How to Buy a Ford Crate Motor

by Randall Bullard

Owners of Ford vehicles sometimes need to install a new engine in their Ford vehicle. There are a variety of options available to the Ford vehicle owner in buying a new crate motor for their Ford vehicle. Upgrading to bigger engines with more horsepower or cylinders may be the goal of some individuals but the budget-minded person looking to replace an existing drivetrain should opt for a crate motor found at a local auto parts store.

Identify the Engine Size

Locate the engine size. In many newer Ford vehicles the engine size is on the top of the engine cover.

Locate the belt assembly diagram under the hood if the engine cover does not have the information and match the diagram to the current configuration of the belts on the existing motor.

Call a Ford dealership, if the motor size is not available, and give them the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). They will tell you the size of the motor that came in the vehicle.

Order a Ford Crate Motor

Call or go into an auto parts store and speak with a customer service representative.

Give the representative the information on your vehicle's year, make and model.

Order the appropriate motor for the vehicle.

Pay for the engine and wait on the motor to be delivered. If you have the old engine, return it for the core charge to recoup some of your investment in the new engine.


  • check Be certain you have the right information when you order the engine.
  • check Hire a professional to change out the motor unless you are experienced with changing motors yourself.
  • check Many crate engines are re-manufactured and will be cheaper than those bought new at a dealership with a comparable warranty. In some instances, there will be more than one motor available offering a differing warranty for an increased price. Usually the price increase is negligible, so purchasing the higher priced engine with the longer warranty is preferable.


  • close Do not change the engine yourself if you do not have the experience and the proper tools. Engines are highly tuned machines requiring a certain degree of knowledge to properly install.
  • close Motor are heavy and pose serious threats of injury to individuals who attempt to change an engine without the proper tools.

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