How to Buy Drifting Tires With Colored Smoke

by Louise Lawson

Drifting is one of the fastest-growing automotive sports in the world. Originally developed in the early 1970s in the mountains of Japan, drifting has spread around the globe and amassed a fan base in the millions. Drifting refers to the driving style of oversteering through turns and allowing the rear wheels of the car to slide in the opposite direction of travel. Drifting tires produce massive amounts of smoke, and colored tires are one of the hottest trends in the drifting world, adding style and flair to any drifting run.

How to Buy Drifting Tires With Colored Smoke

Decide what style of tires you need for your car. Drifting tires are specially made to provide varying levels of grip depending on the surface you'll be driving on, so know your chosen surface before hunting for tires.

Look at your owner's manual and your current tires to determine the proper tire size. Most drifting tires can be purchased in sizes of 15, 16, 17 and 18 inches, making them readily available to fit many different vehicles. Red is the most popular drifting color and can be found in nearly all sizes, but yellow and blue are harder to find.

Contact a distributor to find the best deal on your tires. Colored drifting tires are one of the newest products on the market, and can easily cost more than a thousand dollars per set, so shop around for the lowest price. If your normal tire shop does not have colored tires, they should be able to recommend a shop that does stock them.

Take your tires to a reputable automotive shop to have them mounted on your rims. Colored tires should not be used for everyday driving, so have an extra set of rims available for your new tires. The tire technician will remove your old tires and mount your colored tires for you. Specialized tools, such as a large mechanical tire changer, are necessary to properly mount performance tires, so allow a professional to change them for best results.

Change out your standard driving tires with your colored drifters when you get to the track. Colored tires should only be used on race day because they are not rated for street driving and can leave a sticky colored mess on your vehicle. Your tires will need a little warmup before the colored smoke shows, so making a few preliminary passes before your run will produce the most colorful smoke and impress the crowd.


  • check Make sure you wash the undercarriage of your vehicle as soon as your run is over to prevent the colored rubber residue from staining your vehicle. It can be difficult to take off, but a good auto body polish should do the trick.


  • close Never mount an improperly sized tire on your vehicle. Cars are designed to use a very specific size of tire, and anything larger or smaller can permanently damage your vehicle.

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