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How to Buy A Car

by Contributor

Cars have become an important part of everyday life. There are many types of cars available in the market which cater to the individual needs of a buyer. Read on to learn how to buy a car.

Step 1

Determine your budget and target cars that are within your price range. Keep up to date on new car arrivals and consumer reports by talking to friends, joining Internet automobile forums and reading car magazines. Also determine how you will finance the car and research financing options.

Step 2

Decide whether you want a new or used car. If you want a specific make and model car, contact a dealer to schedule an appointment to see the available cars. To find used cars, check auto resale newspapers.

Step 3

Look for good car deals in the classified section of the newspaper. The best deals usually come around major holidays or in the middle of the year, which is also the time of new inventory arrival.

Step 4

Test drive the car before you buy. It is advisable not to buy a car from online auctions. Ensure that you feel comfortable with the vehicle's design and driving performance.

Step 5

Before purchasing a used car, check its history report, maintenance and accident history and any previous owner records. Also hire a seasoned car technician to perform a thorough inspection.

Negotiate with the seller to come to an affordable price. Read the fine print of the sales document before signing. When buying from a dealer, check for extra unforeseen charges.


  • Always do your own research before going to see a car.
  • Always visit a few dealerships before deciding on any car.


  • Do not make impulse decisions when buying a car.
  • Do not let a car dealer pressure you to make a decision.
  • Do not give the car dealer your personal information unless you are completing paperwork to buy the car.

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