Books on Auto Mechanics

by Sarah Schreiber

Learning about auto mechanics can benefit almost anyone. Car owners can potentially save hundreds of dollars by mastering basic repair and maintenance techniques. For those wishing to educate themselves about auto mechanics or those searching for a good reference guide, there are a number of good books from which to choose.

"Auto Repair for Dummies"

"Auto Repair for Dummies" by Deanna Sclar is the top selling repair guide for cars. The book reviews each major automotive system and follows the sections with important maintenance and repair information. Diagrams enhance the effectiveness of the text as they allow readers to visualize the parts that are described. Topics covered include oil changes, battery cleaning and installation, air filter replacement and flushing the cooling system. This book makes a great resource for any car owner and updated editions include sections on hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

"Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach"

Those who are seeking a comprehensive, detail-oriented book on auto mechanics may wish to consider "Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach" by Jack Erjavec. Considered to be one of the leading authorities on automotive repair, the book covers a wide range of topics in great detail. Topics covered include repair procedures, automotive theory, diagnosis of problems and service of all systems from vehicles ranging from small cars to light trucks. The text assumes no previous automotive knowledge. However, as the chapters go on, topics get very in-depth. As an added aide, the book is illustrated and also has many photo sequences where mechanics perform various procedures.

"Recipes for Car Care: Guide to Auto Health"

For a creative approach to auto mechanics, check out "Recipes for Car Care: Guide to Auto Health" by Kathleen E. Casagrande. Designed for the beginner, the book covers a variety of procedures that the home mechanic can learn. You'll even be instructed on how to open the hood. Providing a thorough explanation of the workings of a car, the author compares various parts to familiar kitchen objects such as rolling pins. By using objects readers are familiar with, Casagrande explains what each part is and the roll it plays in making the car run. All important systems are covered in detail and each maintenance procedure is written out as a recipe.

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