How to Get the Blue Stuff Off Tires

by Nick Grimes

When you get your new tires fitted and out of the shop, you may notice a blue discoloration on the whitewalls or letters of the tires. This thin blue film is nothing abnormal: It's a protective coating applied to keep the white portions clean for you before the tire has been fitted. It's usual to remove this blue protective layer when the tires are fitted, but if the shop did not get this done, you can do it yourself.

Spray the discolored patches with Wesley's Bleach White.

Rub vigorously with the washcloth. Use soapy water to lubricate if necessary. It may take a while to remove all the blue protectant but the bleach will do the job.

Hose the tires down to remove all the Wesley's Bleach White and traces of blue protectant.


  • check Soap and water may do the job on their own, depending on how badly the tires are marked.


  • close Wesley's Bleach White is a powerful bleaching agent. Take care to keep it away from the car's paintwork and wear clothing you don't mind getting bleach on.

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