How to Back Up During a Driving Test

by Faizah Imani
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In order to get a driver's license for the first time, it is necessary to take a driving test. Sometimes, you are also required to take a test when re-instating an expired license or when moving to a new state. The driving test is comprised of two parts: written and manual. When taking the manual portion of the test, it is important to follow instructions that are outlined in the state's driver's manual. If you fail to follow protocol, you may lose valuable test points. These points can be the difference between passing or failing your test. One important part of the manual test is backing up.

Step 1

Look in your rear-view mirror, as well as the left and right side-view mirrors to see if any objects are around your vehicle.

Step 2

Look over your right shoulder to get a clear view of what's behind the vehicle. Even if you know there is nothing behind you, you should still look.

Step 3

Place your foot on the brake pedal. Shift the car into "Reverse" gear.

Step 4

Press the gas pedal gently as you slowly back up the vehicle. While you are backing up, continue looking over your right shoulder to see behind the vehicle. Hold the steering wheel steady as you back up. By doing so, you will back up in a straight line.

Step 5

Press the brake pedal to stop backing up. You can then shift into another gear (according to the tester's instructions).

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