An Automatic Transmission Leak in a Ford Escort

by Anthony Faccenda

The Ford Escort, a compact car available with an automatic transmission, was manufactured from 1981 to 2003. The Escort experienced numerous mechanical issues, including with its transmission. In particular, multiple third generation (1997-2002) models suffer from transmission oil leakage.


Ford technical service bulletins indicate that automatic transmission oil leaks are common on certain Escort vehicles. The leakage usually occurs due to a crack at, or around, the transmission seals. Transmission oil leakage is visible as either a red or brown liquid.


Aside from visually seeing red or brown transmission oil in your driveway, there are several symptoms to be aware of when diagnosing a transmission leak. Unusual grinding or rattling noises may occur due to leakage. Additionally, the leakage may create insufficient lubrication, which might result in difficulty shifting.


Prior to repairing your transmission seals you can use a transmission stop-leak, which typically costs less than $5. The stop-leak will provide temporary relief before you replace the seals. When replacing the seals, replace your transmission fluid as well.

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