How to Change the Transmission Fluid in a Toyota Tundra

by Lawrence Stephens
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Small glitches in your transmission can quickly become major problems. The first step in avoiding major difficulties with your Toyota Tundra transmission is to keep track of your transmission fluid level, and change the fluid when necessary. Transmission fluid should be red. When checking the fluid level pay attention to the fluid's color and smell. If it is discolored, or smells strange, it may be time to change the fluid before any damage is done.

Step 1

Park your Tundra on level ground. It may help to raise it to gain easier access to the transmission. Be sure the truck is stable before going under it.

Step 2

Remove all of the dirt and grease from around the drain plug. Place a drain pan directly underneath the drain plug. Use a socket wrench to remove the plug and allow the old fluid to run into the pan. Allow the fluid to drain completely.

Step 3

Replace the drain plug. Use a new sealing washer if necessary. Remove the drain pan and dispose of the old transmission fluid according to your local ordinances.

Step 4

Add the new transmission fluid through the fill tube. Some of the old transmission fluid will still be within the transmission. Pour the new fluid through the funnel, and use the dipstick to check the level. If needed, continue to add fluid.

Step 5

Replace the dipstick into the filler tube. Start the engine and allow it to idle. Shift the transmission through the gears, then back into Park. Re-check the fluid level while the truck is idling. Add more fluid if necessary.

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