Where to Find Free Auto Repair Advice

by Dustin Eves

Sending a car an auto repair shop can be, and usually is, expensive. For those who are sure they could fix a car problem on their own if they only had advice on where to start, such expenses can seem like a major and unnecessary hit to the wallet. Finding free car advice is not difficult, however, and may be able to save even the most auto-illiterate individual a few bucks.


Visit a website called 2carpros.com, which calls itself the "ultimate, self-empowering, problem-solving expert, D-I-Y car ownership, maintenance and repair community" (see "References"). Ask specific questions on the website to get advice from certified ASE technicians. There is also a collection of over 500,000 questions that have already been answered, which makes it likely that the question you will ask is already there, along with the answer. Register to become a member---registration and use of the site are free.


Visit a website called autowebrepair.com, which also features a forum where users can ask car repair questions, but also includes an access link to service repair manuals, common auto abbreviations and other resources for would-be mechanics to utilize. As with 2carpros.com, just about everything on the site (with the exception of service repair manuals, which are offered through another website) is 100 percent free.

Free Auto Repair Manuals

Visit freeautorepairmanuals.com for free access to a number of manuals and specific guides on how to fix different parts of some cars. While this database is not all-inclusive, you have access to helpful guides available to fix many troublesome auto problems. While there aren't many free auto repair resources outside of the Internet, rely on friends and acquaintances with auto knowledge, who are still the traditional free source for car repair advice. However, when no other resources are available, repair sites contain a wealth of car repair information available at your fingertips.

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