How to Apply Undercoating to a Vehicle

by Nathaniel Miller

Car undercoating saves your vehicle's undercarriage and frame from rust and other hazards of being constantly exposed to the elements. By applying aftermarket undercoating, you seal important systems like your brake lines, electrical connections, and exposed frame points from salt, water, and road grime. This effectively extends the life of your vehicle's components and the vehicle itself. Applying undercoating can be completed in an afternoon.

Step 1

Drive the vehicle over the grease pit so that the entire undercarriage of the car can be examined.

Step 2

Use the pressure washer to thoroughly clean the underside of the vehicle and then allow it to dry off completely.

Step 3

Shake the can of undercoating well and spray every exposed surface (except the exhaust) on the underside of the car.

Step 4

Apply 2-3 thin layers of undercoating. Avoid the drain holes in the underside of each door and cover all other surfaces to prevent corrosion/deaden road noise.

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