How to Clean the Rubber Seals on a Car

by Joshua Bailey
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The rubber seals on your car are most likely overlooked, but they need cleaning and maintenance just like the other parts. UV rays and ozone are the two elements that typically cause damage and discoloration to the rubber seals. Using a vinyl or rubber protectant is the only way to prevent damage from occurring after you have cleaned the rubber seals with household detergents.

Step 1

Apply a wax solvent to all of the rubber seals. Wax was initially applied to the seals and sometimes even the tires to add shine. You need to first remove the wax in order for the rest of the cleaning and protectant to work properly.

Step 2

Combine hot water and dish soap for the simple cleaning solution. You can apply this to the rubber seals all over the car using a very soft sponge so you do not risk scratching the paint or any metal detailing.

Step 3

Hose the car down, and then dry it off with soft cloths.

Step 4

Pour a small amount of the rubber protectant solution onto a dry, soft cloth. Gently rub a section of the rubber back and forth until it begins to shine. Applying this protectant will also help scrub off any existing dirt that was not removed during the initial washing of the seals.

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