How to Take Air Vents Out of a Mustang

by Alibaster Smith

The air vents in a Ford Mustang can be taken out if you need to replace them. Over time, the air vents might chip or crack. This was a problem on Mustangs made in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The process is similar for removing the vents in all model years of the Mustang, however.

Open the driver and passenger side door and remove the two screws on the end of the dash that hold the air vents to the dash.

Pull the air vents off the dash.

Pry up on the trim bezel in the center of the dash that covers the HVAC controls and the radio. Use the trim removal tool for this.

Remove the screws holding the HVAC controls and the radio in place.

Slide the HVAC and radio unit forward out of the dash.

Remove the screws holding the center air vents to the dash.

Pull the center air vents out of the dash.

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