Air Compressors Rebuild Kits

by Graham Beckett

Air compressors can undergo substantial strain after continued use. The parts of the machine must compress the air for various high-pressure uses, causing damage to the machine. Companies provide rebuild kits for air compressors based on the type of damage to the air compressor.

Air Compressor Rebuild Companies

Various companies specialize in providing rebuild kits for damaged air compressors, ACE, OEM and Campbell Hausfeld to name a few. These companies supply specific parts that are most prone to wear within the air compressor, as well as allowing you to special order broken parts that may be specific to your air compressor. One such company is ACE or Air Compressor Equipment Inc. It offers rebuild kits designed for some of largest brand name manufacturers of air compressors.

Kellogg-American Kits

ACE provides a specific rebuild kit for the Kellogg-American air compressor. It created this specific air compressor kit because of its prevalence. Within the Kellogg-American rebuild kit category are both tune-up kits and head overhaul kits. The tune-up kits provide parts for one air compressor unit. Some parts contained in this kit are a gasket set, piston ring set and oil seal, among other parts related to maintaining sealant and pressure. The overhaul kit is more complex, providing the above listed parts as well as parts designed to "recondition" the air compressor.

Ingersoll-Rand Kits

Another major air compressor manufacturer is Ingersoll-Rand. ACE and other air compressor repair companies provide major overhaul kits, tune-up kits and head overhaul kits for Ingersoll-Rand. The major overhaul kits are much more involved and provide the purchaser with various parts that address sealant issues as well as parts that assist in the actual compression such as connecting rods, crankpin bushings and main bearings. The major overhaul kit also provides "new style filter" elements that provide cleaner filtering. The tune-up kits for Ingersoll-Rand are quite similar to the Kellogg-American kits that ACE provides. The major difference is that ACE provides the "new style filters" for Ingersoll-Rand compressors. The head overhaul kits for Ingersoll-Rand are also similar to the Kellogg-American kits. Nonetheless, ACE provides the "new style filters," as well as providing O rings for reconditioning the air compressor.

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