How to Adjust Suzuki Forenza Headlights

by Josh Baum

All sorts of things can knock the headlights of your Forenza out of alignment. If front-end maintenance has been performed recently or if your Forenza has suffered any kind of jarring motion from a collision or even from going up and down on a car lift, take note of the aim of your headlight beams. If they seem a little off, follow this process to correct them.

Drive down a quiet stretch of road at night, observing the aim of both headlight beams and approximating the adjustments you need to make.

Park your Forenza about 25 feet from a flat vertical wall, facing it head-on. Put it in park, leave the headlights on, leave the engine running and pull the hood release lever.

Raise the hood and prop it open. Use your flashlight to look closely at the back side of each headlight assembly. On each one you will see a black screw about a half inch from the top of the assembly and a half inch off-center toward the middle of the car. This screw controls the horizontal aim of the bulbs. Directly below these screws, about a half inch from the bottom of each headlight assembly, are two more screws that control the vertical aim of the bulbs.

Look at the beams of light on the wall as you adjust the headlight that needs the biggest adjustment. If they both seem equally out of alignment, you can start with either one. Adjust the direction by turning the appropriate screws with a flat-head screwdriver. If the screwdriver is long, you may have trouble finding room to work.

Adjust the other bulb so that it is symmetrical with the first.

Close the hood and take the car back on the road. Make sure the headlight beams are adjusted to provide a clear view of the road ahead without blinding the drivers of oncoming cars. If your headlights require more adjustments, return to the same place you adjusted them initially and repeat the process.


  • check The official owner's manual for the Forenza suggests that you take your vehicle to an authorized service center for this adjustment, as they will use special equipment to restore the headlight aim to factory standards. There is no danger in approximating the aim and doing this yourself, however.

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