How to Adjust the Headlights on a Mazda MPV

by Christian Killian

Adjusting the headlights on your Mazda MPV will ensure that you have the best possible visibility and allows other drivers to see you coming down the road at night. The headlights on your MPV must be aimed properly to provide the best performance. Aiming your headlights is a simple process.


Park you MPV on flat ground, 25 feet from a clean, flat wall. Check the tire pressure in all four tires to ensure that they meet the manufacturer specifications.


Open the hood of your van and locate the headlight adjuster mounted behind the headlight assembly on the radiator support. This adjuster controls the vertical adjustment of the light. There is a second adjuster on the inside of the radiator support directly behind the head light that controls left-to-right alignment.


Measure from the ground to the center of your headlight. Note the measurement and turn on the headlights and let them shine directly on the flat wall.


Measure from the ground, up the wall to the height that you measure as the center of the headlight with your tape measure. Subtract two inches from that measurement and adjust the head light by turning the adjuster with the adjustment tool until the center of the beam falls on that position.


Adjust the beam side-to-side by turning the second adjuster with the adjuster tool until the beam falls directly in front of the headlight.


Repeat this process for the second headlight and continue making adjustments until you are satisfied with the adjustment of the lights.

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