How to Adjust the Headlights in a Kia Spectra

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After 1995, Kia switched the adjustment setup for the Kia Spectra. Instead of being able to adjust both the vertical and horizontal trajectory paths, Kia eliminated the horizontal adjustment. If you have a 1994 or 1995 Kia Spectra, you benefit from having the horizontal adjustment screws.

Empty any extra cargo you don't carry in your car on a daily basis. Inflate the tires to the proper air pressure and add approximately 65 pounds of weight in the driver's seat to lower the car to the proper height.

Find a level spot close to a wall and put your Kia Spectra in park (with the emergency brake dispensed). Make sure you have the headlights turned on.

Locate the center of the trajectory path on the wall and mark the center point for each headlight on the wall with masking tape.

Back up your Kia Spectra until you reach a distance of 25 feet from the wall. Park, set your emergency break and turn off the car.

Pull your hood release and open the hood. You need to locate the headlight adjustment screws, which should be on the top of the headlight housing. For '94 and '95 models, the outer screw adjusts the vertical trajectory and the inner screw moves the horizontal path.

Turn the adjustment screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Watch the marks on the wall as you adjust. You need to adjust each headlight separately.


  • close Don't force the adjustment screw to turn; use a lubricant to loosen the grip and then try again.

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