How to Adjust Headlights on a Chevy Truck

by Cassandra Tribe
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Whether you use your Chevy truck to drive to the grocery store or to drive through muddy back roads, at some point you will have to adjust the headlights. Given enough time, even the vibration from daily commutes on a smooth highway will slowly knock your headlights out of alignment. Without the proper angle and alignment, not only is night driving more difficult, but you could get a ticket as well.

Step 1

Pull your Chevy truck up to a blank wall (garage wall or door, side of a building); about 6 to 10 feet from the wall is the best distance to be. Turn your low beams on so you can see the light of the beams reflected on the blank wall as two circles.

Step 2

Open the hood of your Chevy truck.

Step 3

Find the two Phillips' head screws for adjusting your headlights. One will be located at the center top of your headlight assembly and the other will be located on one of the sides. Some models do not use screws but have small rods. They will be on the upper side of the headlamp assembly.

Step 4

Adjust the headlights by turning the screws. The top screw will move your beam up or down; the side screw will aim your headlight to the right or left. You will want to watch the beams on the wall. Make sure that both beams are level to each other and aimed about at the same height as the headlight assembly. If your Chevy truck has adjustment rods, the rod on the outside of the headlamp is for the sideways adjustment and the rod to the inside will adjust your lamp up or down.

Step 5

Turn your headlights onto the high beam setting and repeat Step 4. When you are done, double-check that your beams are still level and aimed correctly in the low beam setting.

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