How to Adjust the Headlights in a Chrysler Town & Country

by Editorial Team

Authorized Chrysler repair centers use a special alignment tool to adjust the headlights in a Chrysler Town and Country. While this method ensures perfect alignment, any shade-tree mechanic or do-it-yourself fan can adjust the headlights at home with just a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 1

Clean the headlamps and prepare your Chrysler Town and Country for the adjustment. You want to maintain the amount of cargo weight, tire pressure and fuel level typical for a normal day.

Step 2

Park your Chrysler Town and Country on a flat surface 25 feet away from a wall or screen. You want to leave the headlights on.

Step 3

Rock the car gently by pushing down on the bumper. This allows the suspension on the mini-van to settle.

Step 4

Measure the distance from your headlights to the ground and mark the location on the wall with masking tape or a writing utensil.

Step 5

Open the hood and locate the vertical adjustment screws. The location varies depending on the style of headlight Chrysler used during manufacturing. On the Chrysler Town and Country, you can only adjust the low beam. The low beam adjustment controls the high beam adjustment.

Step 6

Set the adjustment gauge to "0" for each headlight. This might adjust your trajectory enough so your headlights hit the center mark on the wall. If not, use a Phillips screwdriver, Torx tool or an Allen wrench to adjust each headlight until it does hit the mark.

Step 7

Allow a 2-inch variance for your low beams. You won't be able to get the high beam and low beam lights to both hit the center, so center the one you use the most often. You may find it helpful to cover one of the headlights-be careful not to leave the headlights cover too long as heat builds up and can shatter the headlight.

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