How to Adjust the Headlights for a Silverado

by Damon Hildebrand
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After the installation of taller tires, leveling lift kit, or any other of a number of modifications commonly performed on a Silverado truck, a head lamp adjustment is usually required. If headlamps are adjusted too high, oncoming drivers will be blinded by the headlights even when on low beam. The head lamp adjustment screws are located behind and near the top of both the passenger and driver side head lamps underneath the hood.

Adjusting Silverado Headlights

Step 1

Open the hood and look directly down onto the top of the headlight to be adjusted. Just above the headlight housing will be a white Teflon or plastic screw. This adjustment screw will adjust the headlamps up or down, depending on the direction the screw is turned.

Step 2

Adjust the screw clockwise using the Phillips screwdriver to rotate the light beam up to the desired angle.

Step 3

Adjust the screw counterclockwise using the Phillips screwdriver to adjust the light beam down to the desired angle.

Step 4

Adjust the white Teflon screw on the second headlamp in the same direction as needed to level the beam to match the first headlight beam.

Step 5

Verify the proper angle has been obtained by pulling the vehicle up to a wall or garage door with the headlights turned on. If light beams do not appear level with one another, repeat adjustment until desired angle is obtained.

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