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How to Adjust the Headlights in a Dodge Ram

by Contributor

Dodge recommends you adjust the headlights on your Dodge Ram any time you change the bulb in your headlight or at least once a year. While the company also recommends you take your Dodge Ram to an authorized service center for adjustment, you can make the adjustment a Torx head tool.

Step 1

Park your car 10 to 15 feet behind a parked car. If you plan to make adjustments outside, wait until it gets dark. Prepare your Dodge Ram so it matches your normal driving conditions including cargo weight and tire pressure.

Step 2

Find the vertical and horizontal adjustments screws near the headlight. On older models, you need to remove the bezel to see the screws. Be careful not to confuse the mounting screws with the adjustments screws. Dodge typically places the adjustments screws in the center on top and beside the headlight. Dodge may locate the adjustment screws internally on newer models.

Step 3

Use a Torx head tool to remove to adjust the screws controlling the trajectory for your headlight. The screw on the side of the headlight controls the horizontal adjustment.

Adjust your headlights so they hit the center of the bumper on the parked car in front of your Dodge Ram. Adjust each headlight individually and test the alignment for the trajectory on both the low and high settings.


  • Most states have laws and regulations regarding your headlight angle. If you have your headlights adjusted incorrectly, you may get a ticket.

Items you will need

  • Parked car
  • Torx head tool

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