How to Adjust Chevy Headlights

by Sarah Coennen

Chevy, or Chevrolet, is a world-renowned name in the automotive industry. Chevrolet makes many different makes and models of cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and pickups. Chevy headlights are designed to be adjusted, because sometimes a headlight can slip, causing the beam to fall off center. The headlight must be adjusted in order to correct the light beam back to center.

Pull the Chevy up to the wall.

Mark out the center of the light beams with vertical and horizontal pieces of tape on the wall. The lights should not be on at this point, you are just marking on the garage door or wall where the center lines are parallel for the headlights. This is why you've parked the Chevy so close to the wall.

Back the Chevy up 10 to 15 feet.

Locate the adjusting screws around the headlights. They should be connected to the headlights, on the side or top of the headlights.

Wait until it is dark and turn on the low beams.

Notice where the brightest point of each low beam is landing on the markings that you taped out on the wall. The brightest point horizontally should be just below the horizontal line and even with the vertical.

Use the screwdriver to adjust the screws on or around the headlights to make the brightest point on the low beams shine just below the horizontal line.

Turn on the high beams. If the headlights are not properly sitting on the horizontal and vertical lines, then adjust as directed before.

Turn on the low beams and make sure they are still correct.


  • check Every Chevy is different, so you must refer to your user's manual for the location of the adjustment screws.

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