How to Adjust a Car Compass in a Mercedes Benz

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Entry-level Mercedes-Benz vehicles may be equipped with an electronic compass display on the rear-view mirror. This compass, unlike the on-screen compass included with the "Command" system, may require adjustment and calibration from time to time. Magnetic and electronic signals often interfere with a compass, which may cause it to display an inaccurate direction. It's not uncommon for a car compass to require calibration and adjustment at least once annually.

Turn on your engine. Make sure the radio and climate control are off. Make sure all of the doors are closed.

Press and hold the button on the bottom side of your electronic compass mirror. Hold this button for approximately six seconds, until "C" appears in the compass display.

Drive your Mercedes in a full circle without applying the accelerator pedal (let it coast at 3 to 5 mph).

Continue driving in a full circle (it may take several circles) until the compass display changes from "C" to the proper direction.


  • check You'll need a large open area, such as a parking lot, to adjust and calibrate the compass. Choose an area away from power lines, if possible. Power lines can affect calibration.
  • check If your compass will not properly calibrate, your zone may not be correctly set. Press and hold the mirror compass button for three seconds to display your zone. Press the mirror button again to toggle through the selections. There are 15 compass zones on the North American continent. See your owner's manual to determine the proper zone number for your location.

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