How to Activate the Alarm in a 2010 Camry

by Melissa King

The 2010 Toyota Camry, first produced in 1980, is a mid-sized vehicle that offers drivers a variety of features, such as a combination radio, CD and MP3 player, and Bluetooth connectivity. Three upgraded models of Camry were available: the LE, the SE and the XLE. In all Camry models, an alarm system is either included as an extra security feature, or one can be purchased and added at the dealer. This alarm may be activated for several different reasons.

Set the alarm to sound by shutting all the car's doors, as well as the trunk and hood. Lock the doors, then wait 30 seconds. The system sets automatically. When set, an indicator light flashes.

Open the hood of the vehicle while all the other doors of the Camry are locked. This causes the alarm to sound.

Activate the alarm by opening a locked trunk or door without the Camry's key, smart key system entry function or wireless remote control.

Disconnect the vehicle's battery, then reconnect it, to activate the alarm. Alarm activation may also occur if the battery is replaced or recharged while the car's doors are locked.

Open the hood, trunk or a door from inside the vehicle. This may cause the alarm to sound.


  • check To stop the alarm from sounding, start the car's engine, or unlock the trunk or doors.

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