2001 Kawasaki Mule 3010 4x4 Specifications

by Brianna Collins
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Perhaps best known for its motorcycles and recreational vehicles, Kawasaki Motor Company has also been manufacturing utility vehicles since 1988. Engineers designed these vehicles for the transport of people and supplies on construction sites, quarries and more. The Mule has been the company's only make for years. Kawasaki released a 4010 model for 2011. The make's 3010 version debuted in 2001 and continued until 2008, featuring many of the same specs in its first year as in subsequent models.


The 2010 Mule 3010 came equipped with a two-cylinder, four-stroke engine with an overhead valve configuration. It had a displacement of 617 cc (37.6 cubic inches), a bore and stroke of 2.99 inches by 2.68 inches, and a compression ratio of 10.3 to 1.0. The engine also had a net torque of 37.4 foot-pounds at 2,500 revolutions per minute.


Equipped with a liquid cooling system and an electric starter, the '01 Mule 3010 also came with a Mikuni BW26-18 carburetor. Other systems included a battery and transistor ignition and a wet-sump lubricator. This Mule took gasoline as its main fuel source and SAE 5W-30, 10W-40, 10W-50, 20W-40 or 20W-50 for its engine oil. It also featured NGK BPR2ES spark plugs.


The 2001 Mule 3010 came with an automatic transmission with two speeds and reverse. It also had four-wheel drive capabilities to get it through particularly rugged terrain. It took as transmission oil either API GL-5 SAE 90 (for temperatures above 41 degrees Fahrenheit) or SAE 80 (for temperatures 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below).

Chassis, Brakes and Tires

Built on a steel-tube, ladder-type frame, the Mule 3010 featured a caster angle of 7.5 degrees and a trail of 1.4 inches. It also came equipped with a four-wheel hydraulic braking system. This '01 Mule featured tubeless tires in both front and back.


Weighing a sturdy 1,200 lbs. without fuel, the 2001 Mule 3010 measured 112.64 inches in length, 57.48 in width, and 74.80 in height. It featured a wheelbase of 73.62 inches, a front track of 45.67 inches, and a rear track of 46.46 inches. A maximum ground clearance of 7.24 inches allowed for added maneuverability on uneven riding surfaces typically found at work sites. The Mule 3010 also had a cargo bed that was 46.26 inches by 51.57 inches by 11.34 inches and a fuel tank capacity of 5.3 gallons.

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