1996 Ford F150: Fuel Pump Removal

by Gregory Crews

The Ford F-150 draws the fuel from the fuel tank by means of a fuel pump that is submerged in the tank. Removing the fuel pump involves pulling the fuel tank down. Once the tank is down, the pump can easily be obtained. Dropping the tank can be done with a minimal amounts of complication. The tank itself is held on by two straps.

Park the truck on a flat, level surface. Set the parking brake and chock the front wheels.

Place a drain pan under the fuel tank. Drain the fuel out of the fuel tank by unscrewing the drain plug at the bottom of the tank. This will make removing the fuel tank easier.

Raise the back of the truck by placing the jack under the differential. Raise the truck high enough to place jack stands along the rear frame rail. Lower the truck to secure the vehicle on the jack stands.

Place a jack underneath the fuel tank. Raise the jack to where the axis of the jack rests directly under the fuel tank.

Unscrew the bolts holding the straps in place with a socket wrench. There will be a total of four bolts to undo, one bolt on each end of the strap. Place the straps to the side.

Lower the tank enough to access the wires and hoses on the top of the tank. Disconnect the wires by separating the connectors. Pull the fuel and vacuum lines off the top of the tank by separating the quick-disconnect fittings.

Unclamp the fuel-fill hose at the back of the tank. Unscrew the hose clamp with a flat-tip screwdriver. Pull the hose off the fuel tank by hand.

Lower the tank to the ground. Slide the tank off the jack and out from underneath the truck.

Pull the fuel pump out of the tank by turning the retainer ring at the top counterclockwise. The ring will be tight, so tapping the tabs on the ring with a hammer and flat-tip screwdriver will loosen the ring. Pull the ring and the fuel-pump assembly out of the tank.

Disconnect the wiring harness at the top of the fuel pump by separating the tabs and pulling the wiring harness off the top.

Slide the pump off the assembly by hand.


  • check Before starting on the project, locate the fuel-pump relay under the hood by the battery in a fuse panel. Pull the relay and start the truck to allow it to run until it stalls. This will depressurize the fuel system.


  • close Use caution when working under a raised vehicle. The parking brake needs to be set and the front wheels need to be chocked to prevent the truck from rolling.
  • close Gasoline is very toxic and flammable. Use caution when handling gasoline.

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