1991 Kawasaki TS 650 Specifications

by Will Zech

The 1991 Kawasaki TS 650 is part of the large and always expanding Kawasaki family of Jet Ski personal watercraft. Kawasaki introduced the world to the first Jet Ski watercraft in 1973 with their WSAA and WSAB models, and the TS 650 continued the company's dedication to providing every customer with an "exciting new way to enjoy the water." As with all Kawasaki personal watercrafts, the 1991 TS 650 was used for water recreation as well as for water safety.

Engine Specifications

Water recreation with the Kawasaki TS 650 is powered by a two-stroke vertical twin engine that fires up with an electric starter. This engine has a crankcase reed valve induction system, and it is water cooled. The TS 650 has a displacement of 38.7 cubic inches, a bore and stroke of 2.99 by 2.76 inches and a compression ratio of 7.2 to 1. The ignition system is magneto CDI, the carburetor is a Keihin CDK38-32 and the works are kept running smoothly with an oil injection lubrication system that employs an oil injection and gas/oil mixture of 50 to 1.

Drive System and Performance

A smooth cruise across the water on a Kawasaki TS 650 is powered by an axial flow, single-stage jet pump that generates 463 pounds of thrust. It has a steerable nozzle steering system, and this personal watercraft is slowed by a water drag braking system. Under optimal conditions and with two passengers, the TS 650 will hit a top speed of 35 mph. Its average fuel consumption is 5.0 gallons per hour and it has a cruising range of 44 miles at full throttle.

Design Specifications

The 1991 Kawasaki TS 650 is a two-person, sit-down jet ski. It has a length of 109.4 inches, a width of 41.9 inches and it stands 38.2 inches tall. The total dry weight for this personal watercraft is 419 pounds. The TS 650 is designated as a "Class A" inboard boat, an though it might not be the speediest Jet Ski on the water, it's overall design and specifications provide maximum enjoyment with minimum hassle.

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