Specifications for the 1989 Seadoo 587 Jet Ski

by Madison Rayne

SeaDoo is a manufacturer of various recreational products including watercraft and boats. A subsidiary of BRP, SeaDoo has offered innovative and efficacious PWC (personal watercraft) for more than two decades, including the 1989 SeaDoo SP jet ski. This was the second year SeaDoo produced this watercraft, which featured a Rotax type 587 engine.


The 1989 SeaDoo SP was a one-operator, one-passenger jet ski with a fiberglass hull. The SeaDoo 587 had an overall length of 96 inches, width of 41.5 inches and height of 36.2 inches. The dry weight was 365 lbs. and the load limit was 352 lbs. The jet ski had a fuel capacity of 7.7 gallons, an oil injection reservoir that held 95 oz. and an impeller shaft capacity of 2.7 oz.

Engine and Carburetion

The 1989 SeaDoo SP featured a two-stroke, two-cylinder 587 engine with rotary-valve induction and a water-cooled exhaust system. The 587 jet ski used regular unleaded gas and SeaDoo oil injection. The bore and stroke was 3 inches by 2.5 inches and the compression ratio was 5.9 to 1. The 1989 SeaDoo had a maximum output of 56 horsepower at 5,750 rpm, a maximum torque of 49 foot-lbs. at 5,500 rpm and a limiter operation at 6,500 rpm. This jet ski also had a Mikuni BN-38-24 carburetor, an in-water idle speed of 1,200 rpm and an out-of-water idle speed of 1500 rpm.


The 1989 SeaDoo SP featured a Bombardier formula propulsion system, direct drive transmission and an axial flow, single-stage jet pump that required a water level of at least 2 feet. The 587 jet ski used crown spline coupling and had a counterclockwise impeller rotation. The impeller had a diameter of 5 1/2 inches and its reservoir required 75W, type C gear lube oil.


The SeaDoo SP featured a capacitor discharge ignition system and a 2.18 mm, 19 degree ignition timing BTDC. The 1989 jet ski used a 12-volt, 20-A battery, and Champion RN4C spark plugs with a 0.5 mm gap. It featured an electric starter.


The SeaDoo SP 587 had a maximum speed of 40 mph or 35 knots. The cruising range for this jet ski at full throttle was two hours, with an extra 30 minutes when using the fuel tank reserve.

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