1977 Ford Ranger F-150 Specs

by Andrew Tennyson
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Ford has a long history of producing popular pickup trucks, and 1977 was no exception. In that year, Ford produced a line of F-150 pickups that have worn well. Many F-150 Rangers from that year remain on the road as of 2010.


In 1977, Ford's F-150 line of 1/2-ton pickups came in four different trim types: Custom, Sport, Ranger and Ranger XLT. All trim types offered a "supercab" extended crew cab option.


The 1977 F-150 Ranger could come with four possible engine choices. Along with the standard Windsor V-8, 385 and FE engines, for the first time the F-150s came with an optional Cleveland V-8.

Other Features

The truck could come with either an automatic of manual transmission, and models were available with two- or four-wheel drive. The 1977 F-150 Ranger came with either a short bed or a long bed. Two-tone body paint was common, with a lighter (often white) shade as the predominant color with a thick stripe or a darker color along the side.

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