1975 Ford F-250 Specs

by James Nalley
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Ford Motor Company first introduced the F-Series line of full-size pick-up trucks in 1948. The 1975 F-250 was a sixth-generation three-quarter ton model available with four- or five-speed manual transmission and a seating capacity for up to three passengers.


The 1975 F-250 included a 5.8L, V8 rear-wheel-drive engine that produced 217 horsepower with up to 316-foot-pounds of torque. With a displacement of 5,766cc, it also included a 4.03-inch bore and a 3.53-inch stroke with a compression ratio of 9.1-to-1.

Steering and Brakes

The 1975 F-250 included ball-type steering with a turning circle of 50.68 feet, a wheelbase of 134.1 inches, a front track of 66.1 inches and a rear track of 65.4 inches. It also included disc brakes in the front with drum brakes in the rear.


The dimensions of the 1975 F-250 included a height of 72.6 inches, a length of 212.8 inches and a width of 80.3 inches. It also offered a gross vehicle weight of 7,590 pounds with a curb weight of 4,255 pounds.


The 1975 F-250 included a fuel capacity of up to 20 gallons of leaded gasoline. It also offered a towing capacity of up to 4,400 pounds.

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